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  1. Hello, this is Ian Honeyman, composer of "Hank: 5 Years From The Brink". I came across your review and wanted to thank you! The soundtrack has in fact just been released (digital only). It is being offered for free, so if you would like a copy please feel free to download it! It's available here: . Thanks again for the great review! Best wishes,


    1. Hi Ian, thanks for letting me know. I'm downloading it now and will give it another listen as I write my next piece... Keep up the good work! Ollie

  2. Thank you very much for the excellent and very perceptive review of The Man Whose Mind Exploded, we really appreciate it. It's a little thing but my name is spelt "Amies", and if you could link to the iTunes page, we'd be extra happy. Trust Absolute Unconditional! Toby

    1. Thanks Toby for the kind words, sorry for spelling your name wrong (how frightfully rude...). Congratulations again on a fantastic film - looking forward to the next one...?
      I've updated the link. Ollie

      p.s. I was going to say in the review that Trust Absolute Conditional sounds disturbingly Orwellian, until you realise how much it meant to Drako. What a dude...