Friday, March 15, 2013

(not so) Silent Cinema

This week I have come up with a new way to watch films - watching silent movies from a hundred years ago but replacing the soundtrack with something excessively modern.  Some people might think that this is sacrilegious, and I have sympathy with that as I believe that the original soundtracks are fascinating, but it is a temporary fad that I'm really enjoying.

I have provided links to three superb films that should all be watched immediately: Dr Caligari is an amazing German Expressionist horror film that has amazing set design and mise-en-scène; Joan of Arc is a heartbreaking reenactment of the trial and execution of Joan of Arc filmed in intense close-up and unsparing detail; and finally Man with the Movie Camera is a radical Soviet experiment attempting to define an international visual language through montage and juxtaposition (how communist...)

Obviously you need to think wisely about your choice of new music -  I would recommend something instrumental and cinematic and underneath each film I have provided the album that I chose. 

Actress - R.I.P

An experimental techno album that washes over the listener in waves - haunting and appropriate

This Will Destroy You - This Will Destroy You

An amazingly cinematic post-rock album that builds and fades to awesome effect

Burial - Burial

A dark and brooding, intelligent dubstep (?) album that reflects the movement of cities

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