Monday, February 17, 2014

BAFTA pictures from the red carpet

I was very grateful to be invited to the BAFTAs this year and managed to get some pretty good snaps of the red carpet.  I want to thank the guys at ROOBLA for the chance to go, and I'll post a gonzo report of what went on a little later.  In the mean time, here are some pics:

Dermot O'Leary was the 'cheeky chap on the carpet' for E! He was in his element as always...

Mark Kermode came to talk to the bloggers and give us his thoughts before it all kicked off.  Thoroughly top bloke as always.

Fearne Cotton was on the other end of the carpet for E! and managed to hook in most passing A-Listers.  Here is Christoph Waltz...

Rising British Star Will Poulter was also doing his best to speak to everyone.

Richard E. Grant was surrounded by people admiring his fake tan...

Resident TV psycho Ruth Morgan from Luther had an amazing hairstyle...

The Wolf Of Wall Street himself was out.

Miss Moneypenny from Skyfall also came to say hello (Naomie Harris)

Tony Blair even made it onto the carpet.

Everyone's favourite action chick Michelle Rodriguez.

The sweetest smile of the night came from Sally Hawkins...

David O Russell doing his best american dude impression

The richest woman in the world (probably) was very happy to be here

Bradley Cooper didn't get the joke

Brad and Angelina ran past so fast they might has well have been part of the Olympic skaters...

And the penultimate man on the walk was Michael Fassbender with a massive ginger beard.

And then finally the carpet was cleared for the police to do a bomb sweep (i imagine) and then the biggest celebrity in the world took a slow stroll passed everyone.

All in all it was an intimidating who's-who of cinematic talent and a total fashion fest.

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