Wednesday, September 3, 2014

British Urban Film Festival preview (BUFF2014)

This weekend, Crispy Sharp is heading to the British Urban Film Festival to soak up an array of fascinating looking independent films.  Excluding the various short films (of which there are loads), there are five feature films that I have my eye on:

The festival director Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe told me that people should forget everything they think that they know about Muhammad Ali before watching this film...  The film covers his battle to overturn a prison sentence for refusing to fight in Vietnam.  A period of his life that is rarely discussed.  The screening will have a Q&A with a number of guests including Sky Sports' Spencer Fearon and boxing legends Colin Hart, Ronald Mcintosh and Jonny Nelson.

Woodfalls tells the story of a family of travellers who settle in a small town and get into trouble with the locals.  The Q&A will feature the director and some of the cast.

City of God is one of the most famous South American films (and rightly so  it is amazing) and featured mostly children and teenagers as cast.  The documentary City of God:10 Years Later tells the story of what happened to some of those involved in the film and looks like it should be a fascinating insight into Brazilian culture.
  • Eva’s Diamond (Ice Neal)

An apparently harrowing film about a mother whose evangelical teenager is sent to prison accused of murder.  She attempts to help her by taking matters in to her own hands and ends up embroiled in a dangerous world of black magic and spirits...

Finally, the closing gala is the world premier of Montana produced by the good folk at Molifilms.  A tense East-End crime thriller about a fourteen-year-old who finds out that the mob boss that he works for killed his father...  Mo Ali will be at a Q&A afterwards along with Brad Moore (Molifilms) and cast members Adam Deacon, Ashley Waters and McKell David.

Check back for a review of each of them in the coming days, and follow all of the gossip from the festival at @CrispySharp and @BUFFenterprises

The festival takes place at the Prince Charles and the Genesis cinemas - tickets for the festival are available here 

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