Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Submissions open for Wotever DIY Film Festival 2015!

This year, Crispy Sharp is going to be working a lot to promote the Wotever DIY Film Festival – a three-day festival that celebrates independent and lo-fi queer filmmaking held primarily at the Cinema Museum in London.  There will be a handful of feature films, a much larger amount of shorts, discussions & debates and workshops – and lots of booze and giggles.

The submission window is now open for this year’s event, with the deadline being the 31st May.  Below is a description in their own words about what they are looking for:

“We are looking for short films up to 30 minutes on a queer theme. However, we will prioritise films 15 minutes and under. Feature length films will be considered although please be aware we have very limited space for these. All films need to be DIY or independent films of any genre on a queer theme. We have a particular interest in films about queer people and queer culture reclaiming space. Other than that, our only criteria is that they must be in keeping with our Wotever ethos and as such we will not consider submissions that are racist, misogynist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, sizeist, feature religious intolerance or are in any way prejudiced or exclusionary towards a particular group or identity. We are always trying to improve accessibility at Wotever DIY Film Festival and with that we assert that all filmmakers selected for the festival must work to commit to subtitling their films. 

We welcome films that push the boundaries of queer thinking and ideology, are thought-provoking and progressive. Saying that, we also appreciate a nice queer-meets-queer love story, slap stick comedy or music video we can dance to."

All submissions must use the official submission form and be available for download or streaming to be viewed by the programming team.  For more information and to get access to the form or to ask a question please contact Theresa & Tara at (so far I’ve met half of them; they’re super lovely…)

There is more information on last year’s event at the links below as well as upcoming news.  I will also definitely have them as a guest on the Crispy Sharp Podcast in the coming weeks to explain more...

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